Children’s Cut Flower Hunt with Prizes


The children’s flower hunt and quiz. A lovely way for the little people to enjoy the nursery and learn about plants and earn a prize for all the fun and effort.

30 Minutes

Flower Crowns – with Kinswoman

10:30 am

Perfect for celebrating summer solstice, hen party’s, baby showers or just a chance be creative!
Create a beautiful fresh flower headdress, perfect way to embrace those summer hippie vibes!
And great photo opportunity with your friends once completed

The Art of Wire Sculpting – by Susan Nichols

9:30 am

Come on a one day wire sculpture course and make a hen out of galvanised chicken wire. You will be guided through the process and starting with a simple frame, will build up your hen with many pieces of folded and shaped wire, so that you will go home with a finished bird. All the wire pieces will be brought ready cut to enable smooth progress. These are solid, sturdy and designed to last for years, with inbuilt spikes to hold them securely into the ground.

You will need gloves. needle nosed pliers, a strong apron and glasses if needed for close work, but Susan will bring plenty of spares in case.
Susan says ‘She has been teaching for over 10 years and says she hasn’t had a ‘failure’ yet’! so come and have a go.(Please note this may not be suitable for those with arthritis or other joint problems in their hands or wrists)

Flower Arranging & Conversation about Crocosmia with Alli & John

10:30 am

Crocosmia for many years have been a favourite plant of John Foleys ! Come along and learn all about the flower, it’s history and the species and its place in the border or vase!

1.5 Hours