A New Gardening Year Begins

It’s a fabulous feeling at the start of a new year, time to wipe the slate clean, come up with a few resolutions and look forward to the new gardening year which lies ahead! Everything is ahead of us instead of behind us with a Winter to enjoy, and Spring, Summer and Autumn to look forward to along with so much more! After the mild New Year tricking the plants into thinking it’s Spring that’ll soon change as January always has snow and frost in store for us all! But let’s take a moment to enjoy the thought of the warmer months, the longer days and getting back out in the garden.

On the nursery after a busy Christmas period we’re still finishing off the final bits of potting before we can give the potting machine its final service and it’s a perfect time to plant your bulbs if you haven’t done already, pick a drier day so not to turn the soil into mud and you can always put them in pots if you prefer. You will find planting them later just makes them flower slightly later, and don’t forget to plant out any forced bulbs like Hyacinths and Narcissus, they are great for getting out in the garden and they will naturally flower again next year.

The next few weeks are the perfect time to be getting on with lots of other jobs behind the scenes in the garden, planning out the year ahead, conjuring up new plans and ideas, and during the drier spells getting out there and getting ahead of things before Spring arrives. It won’t be long until the Snowdrops begin to show their beautiful white flowers along with all the other early flowering plants. The days getting longer is already noticeable and a change that is very welcome.

It’s still a little early to prune most of your Shrubs but you can tackle your Roses, next week we will take a look at how to prune them properly as the when, how and how much always seems a little vague for most but once you learn how and do it it’s like riding a bike, just make sure not to forget to feed them to give them the energy to perform how expected!

Finally I’d like to take this opportunity to wish you all a very happy new year, may it bring you happiness and health and thank you to all of you for reading the page over the last year and supporting everything we do at Holden Clough, there’s lots on the way for 2022 and we can’t wait to show you, so time to put our spades back in the ground and get some dirt behind our fingernails!




Here you can send in and find out the answers to those gardening problems


How often should I water my houseplants?

Always stick your finger into the soil and if it’s dry over an inch down then it’s time for a little water, it’s best to water them from the bottom up standing the pot in a bowl of water for 10 minutes allowing them to drink exactly how much they need to keep them happy, houseplants are more commonly killed from overwatering than underwatering!


What’s the best thing to do with my Christmas Tree?

The council will often take them as they can play a very important part in river erosion works, helping strengthen the bankings with their stem structure allowing roots of plants to grow quickly in between preventing further erosion of the bankings, if not this way then chop it up and put it in the green bin, it will then get chipped up and composted.


Should I dig over my borders now?

If the soil is compacted and not boggy then yes, it’s a great way of letting the winter frosts help to break up the clay, turn it over, remove any roots and let nature do the rest. If it’s full of perennial weeds it’s best to leave it and kill these out later on in Spring otherwise you will propagate the weeds by incidentally chopping up the roots into lots of little bits.


Jobs for the Weekend

Plant of The Week


The perfect choice for pots giving evergreen colour along with form and structure, perfect for either side of a doorway or used in pots in other positions around the house. Feed and trim twice per year to keep it in shape and nice and green.