An Abundance of Anemones

Autumn is certainly now in the air and it’s lovely to see the dew in the morning, the leaves beginning to change colour on the trees and also the abundance of Autumn flowering plants in all their glory. At Holden Clough the change in weather signals some plants that it’s time to go to bed however some plants like the Japanese Anemones are just beginning!

They are an amazing group of plants and also so easy to grow, the colours that they come in also combine beautifully with the colours in the garden at this time of year, with long stems bearing many dainty forward facing flowers they come in every shade of pink and also pure white. One of the places which they love to grow in is also dry shade and often a problem place in the garden! Also in dry shade you often get an abundance of bulbs and spring flowering plants happily growing there however late summer colour is hard to come by, but the Anemones aren’t just limited to here either, full sun and clay soil is also right up their street!

We had our first frost of the Autumn and this isn’t reason to be scared of planting any plants as everything at the nursery is used to this and hardened off by being grown outside, the soil is nice and warm at this time of year and any plants planted out are not battling against the fierce change of temperatures that they get in the Spring, however they have chance to happily get their roots down and flourish over the coming weeks before they lie waiting ready for the Spring to come along, it’s one of the best times of year to plant and any hardy perennials planted now will be twice the size next Spring!

Anemones come in lots of shapes and sizes from the small woodland varieties flowering in the Spring, to the ones which grow from bulbs later on in Spring but the Japanese are certainly at the top of the list with their showy long lasting flowers, flowering from August till late October and their also free flowering, a real must for any Autumn garden and at the nursery you will find some lovely big established plants full of buds and they are on our 3 for £20 offer.

At the nursery there’s something very exciting on the way for mid October, the old Cafe space will open again after being closed for two and a half years, it will now be called The Reading Room and the food will be once again be served from inside with seating around the woodburner and it then links up with the Garden Room, Glasshouse and Courtyard, it’s very exciting and with a new chef on board and and a new menu in the wings there’s some tasty new food on the way, something to look forward to in a time of challenge and change!



Here you can send in and find out the answers to those gardening problems

Can Anemones grow in Pots?

Yes you could happily grow them in a pot and also position it in a shady place so it doesn’t need much watering then, use a John Innes No.3 compost and also feed it annually in the Spring with Vitax Q4 and it will be very happy. Combine with some Narcissus bulbs and these will flower early on in the Spring and also be suited to the aspect.

What’s the tallest and shortest Japanese Anemone?

The tallest varieties will just top the 1m mark, towards 4 feet tall and the shortest are about 1.5ft tall or 45cm. The beauty with them is they are ‘see through’ in their habit meaning that they can be positioned towards the front of the border, the leaves are low lying and you then see through the flowering stems to plants behind, they are great for giving height to planting and also an abundance of flowers to look forward to in the autumn months

What is a white garden?

A white garden is a very impactful way of planting in a shady space, sticking to a pallet of whites and greens, in the sunshine you can also add in some silver foliage plants. Hostas, Alchemilla, Anemones and Hydrangeas are all perfect in shady places and the colour white really stands out, Anemones would always be included for colour at the end of the season following on from the Hydrangeas.




Anemone ‘Whirlwind’

A delightful compact variety which only grows to 2 feet tall bearing masses of semi double frilly pure white flowers. Great for the front or middle of the border and will be happy in full sun or full shade, Flowers from late August until early November, a perfect Autumn plant