My Top Gardening New Year Resolutions

With another year about to begin it leaves the exciting opportunity of a new season ahead of us all, with the days getting longer and after having had some nice time to reflect it’s been chance for me to put down by top gardening resolutions for the year ahead so let’s take a look and no doubt we can all join in on these!

1 – DO MORE WEEDING – This is probably top of many a list along with also learning to enjoy doing it! It’s a real case of a stitch in time saves nine as once you let Mother Nature unleash its seedbed of weed seeds it can be hard to beat, make sure to catch them before they seed and look towards mulches and barks for topping off your flower beds, a good bark can last up to 4 years!

2 – BEE FRIENDLY – Bees and many other pollinators appreciate flowers and at the nursery we strive to please and attract more wildlife in The Growing Field and around the nursery and don’t forget other wildlife friendly plants as well with dense evergreen foliage and berries 

3 – NATURAL PLANTING – This on its own helps attract wildlife and down by The Beck at H.C. we will be looking to establish some new natural planting along the bankings along with looking towards a Nature Trail through the Woodland, Natural planting can be achieved in many ways in lots of different aspects, from natural woodlands to wildflower meadows or flowerbeds filled with pollinating flowers it’s very rewarding along with encouraging lots of interest into the garden from our little friends

4 – THE POTTING SHED – We strive to produce even more plants, in a tidier, more efficient potting shed (we all have messes especially our Potting Shed! This will help make the Potting Machines more efficient and allow us to fill many more gardens during the year ahead

2022 has been a very memorable, successful and also enjoyable year for us at Holden Clough and we have enjoyed sharing it with you all! We had some great successes at the shows, it’s been great to see the reopening of the cafe again and we’ve had so much fun growing all the plants and flowers which you have all bought and as the New Year dawns on us we can’t wait until we can share our new plans with you for next year…..with one of them being our 2023 RHS Master Grower showcase at The Tatton Park Flower Show….. we’ve got lots of other exciting things in the pipeline so watch this space and the journey continues….

Wishing you all a Happy New Year and I hope you enjoy your celebrations! 


Here you can send in and find out the answers to those gardening problems?


Is it too late to plant my bulbs?

The bulb planting season has been all over the place, and as soon as the ground got to the right temperature for Tulips it froze solid! At the nursery we are currently finishing off our bulb potting so now is absolutely fine as long as you do it asap!


What can I do with my Christmas Tree?

The council will often collect them and then they either chip them and turn them into compost or they will drop them off with The Rivers Trust who utilise them to help stabilise bankings and encourage new planting to grow. There’s lots of uses that go into them even once they drop their needles so fear not, all is not wasted


Can I keep my Poinsettia going?

Yes you can, the key thing is to keep it out of any cold drafts, give it a little repotting once we get into March, and don’t place it anywhere in hot direct sunlight, it wants bright but not exposed sunlight. Also when you water it, give it some baby bio or Houseplant food and see if you can get it looking just as good next year, it’ll be a challenge as where they are grown professionally they are real experts!

Jobs for the weekend


After the recent rain who knows we could have another hard frost on our hands so it’s a good time to get some more salt down to allow it to dissolve



Make some gardening resolutions of your own and write them down, this way they will be easier to remember and follow….here’s to ticking ours off the list!



Make sure any newly planted trees or shrubs get checked for rocking root balls, firm them in with your heel and add a stake for trees if necessary



It’s a good job for the new year and you can make yourself a plan for all your vegetables and annuals so you know what to sow and when!



One of my favourite evergreens and there’s vibrant yellow leaf variegated forms and if you don’t like yellow then there’s some nice silver leaf forms to. Great for filling a gap at the back of a border or maybe softening a fence, they also respond well to trimming so you can keep them a shape or size you are happy with