It’s All In The Feeding!


It’s surprising how many of you out there forget to feed your plants, not really out of choice but more out of not knowing what to feed them with, there’s so many different things, miracle grow, tomato food, slow release fertiliser, Vitax Q4, fish blood and bone, which one do you choose? So more often than not plants can end up sitting there in a state of existence relying on the little bit of nutrients in the pot they were grown in, flourishing in their early years before signs of stress begin to appear, yellowing of the leaves, reduced flowering and with some plants they can curl up their toes and disappear! So as we enjoy the summer months it’s essential to keep your plants happy and in return they will give you lots of flower along with looking happier!

If you’re growing flowering or fruiting plants like bedding plants, perennials, fruit and vegetables then you can’t go wrong with Tomato food. It’s a liquid fertiliser and simply mix it up in a watering can and apply every 2 weeks, now that may sound a little tiresome so that’s when you reach for something pellet based, and that’s where Vitax Q4 comes in, normally you would apply this in March and the pellets break down over 5 months, however now is better late than never making sure to water it in after you apply it, giving your plants a boost over the summer months into the Autumn. You will then find that any perennials which have finished flowering will flower again during the late summer months, they will produce more blooms and generally look a lot happier.


Be very careful with feeds such as miracle grow and grow more as these are very high in nitrogen, producing lots of luscious green growth however if the rain and winds make a comeback your plants will fall straight over and sometimes struggle to come back up, therefore need unnecessary staking. Any pot grown topiary like box balls for example love a nitrogen rich feed, use a specialist Topiary feed and apply twice per year.
We’ve just been potting up some of the terracotta pots down by the beck at the nursery and in each one we mix in slow release pellets which release the feed over 12-14 months, that way all we need to do is water them weekly, simple!
So if you plan ahead feeding doesn’t need to be technical or outfacing, either apply Vitax Q4 to your plants growing in the ground every spring, or mix in slow release pellets with your compost when you plant them up then just top up with the Vitax Q4 pellets annually, and look out for the specialist feeds for your topiary, then you’ll have a garden filled with happy plants!