The Beauty of Houseplants Explained

Recently Houseplants have taken a tremendous rise in popularity, from our clean crisp empty rooms of the millennium to now rooms filled with the grace of leaves and flowers, helping soften shelves, cabinets and window sills they are perfect for bringing the home to life, and there’s so many to choose from, plus when its wet outside you can still garden inside!

At the nursery we have just completed our new displays in our Botanical Room with the addition of nearly 500 houseplants, there’s everything from the large leaves of the Alocacea zebrina standing well over a metre tall to the tiny fleshy spikes of the Aloe Vera plants, there’s so much variety and so many of them are easy to grow. There really is a houseplant for every place, whether it be full sun and dry or maybe dark and the humidity of a bathroom.

Not only are they great for helping clean the air around the home but they also offer many other benefits including helping lift your mood, the air cleaning is good as this is proven to lead to less headaches and also reducing fatigue, with them living in your home it also helps make the air a little less dry helping ease dry skin and respiratory ailments, it’s one of the most natural things to encourage in our home so if you haven’t done so already then you need to look to do so!

Watering of House Plants only needs to be simple as well and it’s always best done from the bottom up, if they stand in a saucer then fill this with water and if it drinks it up in 15 minutes great, if not make sure to tip out the excess, helping keep their roots nice and strong and also allowing them to only drink what they need, mix in some fertiliser every 2 weeks to keep them nice and happy. Also remember to turn your houseplants every few days to help them grow evenly on all sides and stop them leaning in one direction. If you happen to get any leaf browning around the edge of the leaves then happily trim it up to tidy it with a pair of scissors following the contours of the leaf, and any yellowing leaves as there will no doubt be new leaves erupting from the centre of the plant.

It’s amazing that what goes around comes around, with the Swiss Cheese plant now becoming once again a staple addition to any home and many of the old favourites top of the tree again it’s just amazing how many new and interesting varieties there are also out there to choose from, and our Botanical room if filled with so many, so even on a wet day you can take a trip to HC and be inspired on how to create a garden around the home




Here you can send in and find out the answers to those gardening problems


How often should I water my houseplant?

Keep it in a plastic pot inside a decorative pot then you can easily lift the pot to feel how light it is or just keep an eye on the leaves, if they look droopy it’s time to water and if it’s light in weight then the same applies. It’s always best to let it drink everything up before giving it more, rather than a bit every day, making for a stronger root system, and don’t forget to allow it to drink the water from the bottom up.


What are the easiest Houseplants to start with?

Succulents and Aloes have to be the easiest, storing lots of water in their fleshy leaves and also tolerant of a bright window sill, the requirements are simple. Succulents have such beautiful rosettes of leaves with colours ranging from blues to greens and reds to pinks, and Aloes with their spiky green or white marked foliage, there’s some beautiful varieties available


When should I re-pot my Houseplant?

You want to wait until the roots totally fill the pot, give it a squeeze and if it feels solid and when you knock it out it’s a mat of roots then it’s time to repot it. Pick a pot only slightly larger with 15-30mm more either side depending on how big your plant is and knock it out, tease out the roots and then re pot it using House Plant compost. Lightly firm the compost in and give it a light water, then your plant will produce lots of new roots into the soil allowing it to put on luscious new leaves.

1 –Forage Pumpkins and Gourds

If you’ve grown your own it’s time to harvest them or look towards buying some for your Autumn displays around the home

2– Gardening Indoors

With the weather being a little wet it’s the perfect time to add to your indoor gardening collection with the addition of a new houseplant

3 – Leaf Gathering

In dryer spells keep on-top of gathering fallen leaves and piling them up on the compost heap to make valuable compost

4 – Position Fire Pits

Perfect for gathering around on the cooler winter days and they also make a great focus or centrepiece

5 – Plant Shade Loving Plants

With dry shady areas becoming a little wetter it’s a great time to plant shade loving hardy plants allowing them to establish before Spring

6 – Set Up Birdfeeders

Set up bird feeders ready for the winter months and also incorporate plants with berries around the garden to feed our feathered friends




Commonly known as the Zebra plant its one of the most beautiful foliage House Plants with its elegant upright leaves beautifully detailed with lines and markings, with either purple or green foliage it grows into a beautiful specimen, great for a low lit position with humid air, so perfect for a bathroom!