Wishing You All a Very Happy Christmas

When we cast our minds back to last year our Christmas Day traditions of meeting up had a bit of a question mark floating over them, Omicron was zipping around and the world was still in turmoil, after a year has passed and many things have changed at least our forecast of Christmas is looking calm, yes there may be lots still up in the air and many things that need to change in the world but at least it will be a settled time to spend with friends and loved ones.

At Holden Clough, it gives us a couple of days rest as we are closed for Christmas Day and Boxing Day, a chance for the team to enjoy their festivities after what has been a very busy Christmas Season. It’s amazing how quickly the seasons pass us by, it’s been lovely to have some cold and frosty weather on the build-up and it also helps throw the plants into dormancy along with killing some of the bugs and unwanted pests in the garden. 

If you haven’t had a chance to decorate the house yet and time has run away on you then don’t worry there are still a couple of days to go, simple branches of Holly look lovely when tucked away behind picture frames, and have a go at making yourself a simple wreath for your door, you don’t need to go big on a Christmas tree, it could be a cluster of branches with Baubles and decorations on, wrapped in fairy lights, it’s always a great way to make the home feel even more homely.

Then when the big day comes make sure to indulge, I know I will be for one! It’s a tradition of Roast Turkey this end and I know Charlie will be fighting his corner at the table, with Rose having her eyes set firmly on what’s for pudding! It’s also a time for exchanging gifts, but I think we’re all learning this year that bigger isn’t always best, it’s the simple things that can have as much impact without the need for breaking the bank, we’re all spending enough on electricity this year and just heating the homes never mind surplus money for unwanted presents, I’m looking forward to getting out and having a walk hopefully with the crunch of ice below our feet and with where we all live we’re spoilt for choice when it comes to getting out and about enjoying what lies all around us.

So here’s to wishing you all a Merry Christmas and thank you also to all of our customers who have helped make the build-up so special at Holden Clough, we hope you enjoy all of our Christmas trees wherever they may be, so enjoy your time off however long or short it may be and look out for my 10 new years gardening resolutions which we will be looking at next week!


Here you can send in and find out the answers to those gardening problems?


Do I need to protect my pot plants during frost?

You only need to protect any plants that are tender, for example Olive and Bay trees need some protection around their roots, and if you have shrubs like Pittosporums and Choisyas in pots these will also need a little protection, any other hardy plants are all ok.


How do I keep my Christmas tree happy?

Any cut trees always want to be in a reservoir stand ideally, unless they are in a really cool house, often at this time of year the heating is cranked up and they can easily dry out. You need to trim a little off the base before it goes inside and then it easily soaks up the water into its sap system, then in a reservoir stand it can also always have a drink when it needs one, rather than drying out too much.


What do I do after indoor bulbs finish flowering?

Any forced on bulbs like Hyacinths and Narcissus can all be placed outside and planted in the garden after they flower, this way they will then get their roots down for the following year. They will then flower at their natural time of the year the year after. Make sure to give them a bit of tomato food as well and they will then naturally die down towards late Spring.

Jobs for the weekend


Whether they be scented or plain it’s a great way of making the home cosier on those dark Winter nights



Let’s hope for a further scattering of snow so have your sleighs to hand, ready to seize the moment



It’s a time of year to enjoy Roast Turkey with all the trimmings, perfect for also making cold sandwiches with, especially with some homemade stuffing and cranberry sauce



There’s still time to perfect the art of gift wrapping your gifts. A simple wrap around with ribbon or twine can make them look extra special.



Perfect for adding some Christmas colour to a table or window sill with its signature clusters of colourful leaves. Available in red, pink or white. Place them away from any drafts and don’t over water to keep them happy.