The place where the plants begin their journey to our growing field and beyond…the Oak framed Larch clad building creates a traditional Potting Shed feel as the back drop to the theatre of the moving potting machine which can be viewed through a feature round window in the shop area . The shop is filled with everything to support your gardening world…..Trowels, Spades, Forks, Secateurs and more for new gardeners or the experienced.

Fertilisers, Plant treatments, Plant Supports, Gardening Gloves and Aprons deal with the garden planting.

Food for Birds, Hedgehogs and Butterflies along with animal houses to encourage the preservation of our native creatures.

French handmade baskets in wire work and colourful raffia along with English trugs are all available to buy…..

Later on this year The Upstairs of The Potting Shed will open to house our workshops and art gallery and a library of plants. The surprise at this level is the majestic view of Pendle hill over the living roof and the nursery grounds in it’s entirety.